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PPC – Google Ads

Get leads immediately with PPC Pay Per Click Advertising on Google! Then remarket to those leads as you wish! We set up and manage your Google Adwords account!  We track and analyze all data from your website when your ad is clicked.

All you do is sit back and the leads start pouring in! With PPC Ads you only pay when action is taken.

PPC Services

Do You Need More Visibility To Increase Revenue NOW?

As a large component of your overall Search Engine Marketing (SEM) campaign, especially in the beginning, PPC Pay Per Click Advertising services get your website visible immediately to increase your online brand visibility and drive revenue.

Pay Per Click Advertising Services

PPC, or pay per click, is a pay as you go service which charges a fee each time someone clicks on your ad in services like Google AdWords. The price you pay is determined by bidding against other competitors for that same keyword phrase and position on the page. Many people use PPC when starting an SEM (Search Engine Marketing) Campaign, then minimize or cancel their PPC campaign once their organic SEO takes a strong hold. Other uses for PPC services are for seasonal promotions, seasonal competition, organic SEO ranking slumps, or an overall aggressive SEM Campaign.

PPC Advertising Services Offered

The PPC services we offer are an additional fee to what you pay for the actual bidding or pay per click fee. We offer these services to enable your PPC campaign to be as efficient as possible so you don’t waste any of your money bidding on low ROI phrases.

PPC Marketing Research and Planning

With every business and industry being so different, we research and analyze your industry and competition so we can generate a plan that makes your company stand out from your competitors.

PPC Advertising Keyword Analysis

We will research and find the keywords that have the highest potential to bring your company the highest-targeted, and most relevant traffic to your website.

PPC Marketing Strategy

The strategy will include targeted keyword analysis and list creation, ad creation, and landing page creation/optimization.

PPC Marketing Management

PPC Marketing Management services consist of continual keyword and landing page review and updating. Consistent updating helps keep your ads fresh and your targeted keyword phrases in check to ensure a high rate of return or ROI.


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Best PPC Pay Per Click Advertising Pittsburgh PA


There are two fees involved in PPC. You will pay Google AdWords or with whichever company you chose to have your PPC ads run, and you will pay them directly for the clicks with your credit card. We charge a separate management fee for your entire SEM Campaign which your PPC Management is included. Our mission is to help you achieve your goals with the best mix with the highest ROI.

PPC Integration

EntrepreN8 Consulting integrates PPC Management with SEO Management and consulting to create a thorough, coordinated SEM Campaign. Coordination is the key to a high ROI on your search engine marketing budget. We monitor your SEM Campaign weekly to view your campaign’s progress and perform maintenance as needed. We have solutions for businesses in all stages of development: whether you are an established business with a website or just starting out, we have a solution for you.

Combine our SEO services with Social Media Marketing and other aggressive internet marketing tools for a full package of services to increase traffic and conversions.

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